100% Resilient ingest (lossless transmission) of live video and audio based on MPEG-DASH.

System Terms

What you need to know to get started with Resi.

Get to Know Control

Learn more about our web interface where you manage your account, manage your events, and gather viewer analytics.

User Management

Change permission levels of your account Users

Billing and Accepting Payments

Set up a billing contact and pay for your subscription. Upgrade or add to your current Resi Plan.

Create Encoder Events

Create a source event to be played back at Venues or streamed to the Resi Web Platform.

ProPresenter 7

Integration with ProPresenter 7 for software encoding and transmission using RSP.

Create your Upload file

Export your video content to be uploaded to the Resi Cloud through Control.


Create a Scheduled Live or Sim-Live event.

Uploading a Video File

Use Resi's Control platform to upload video content for streaming to the web through a Sim-Live.

Content Library

Save Media files to the Library for long term media storage. Embed Library Media Assets within webpages as Video on Demand content.

Trim features

How to Trim already streamed Web Events for future Sim-Live or on-demand viewing.

Historical Analytics and Viewer Data

View viewership trends, identify standards and help determine change over time. Where are your online viewers engaging from? How long are they watching?


Hardware devices which receive and play back downloaded video content on a specified delay.

Stream URL's

Utilize DASH and HLS Stream URL’s which can be used within OTT Apps and some Third-Party Hosts.

Embed Codes

Embed Codes allow for embedding within webpages or within some Third-Party Hosts like Church Online Platform.

Share to Social Media

Configure your Social Media Accounts to use Resi to live stream to your YouTube Channels or Facebook Timelines, Pages, or Groups.

Pre-Scheduled Social Media Posts

Stream to a pre-schedule post and share a link before your event starts!

Third-Party Hosts

Use Third-Party Hosts to embed and share your Web Events.

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